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LST is a LIMITED-SLIP DIFFERENTIAL TREATMENT formulated by using premium quality components which adjust friction characteristics of the oil in order to reduce slippage of clutch mechanisms.

It helps to reduce wear, heat and noise; prevents glazing of discs and bands and lowers operating temperatures.

LST reinforces the gear oil's properties. It provides better protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion; has better anti-foaming properties, enhanced detergency and dispersancy.

LST can be used in cars, trucks, 4WD, ATVs, farm tractors and all types of machinery equipped with limited-slip and posi-traction rear axles, transmissions, trans-hydraulics and wet brakes.


Available in the following sizes: 250 ml, 1 L, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L and 205 L.

Product class: 112