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HIPERTECH's mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute lubricants that surpass the highest industry standards while maintaining a high quality service thus contributing to its solid and reliable reputation.


HIPERTECH SPECIALTIES Inc. was founded in December 1993 with Marc Cloutier at its helm. Better known as HIPERTECH, short for High Performance Technology, the company is family-owned and privately-held. Already an experienced business leader in the lubricant field, Marc was joined by his brother Roger in this new endeavour and became head of production in their new plant in Quebec City, QC, Canada. Today, they are surrounded by a dedicated team aiming for excellence.

HIPERTECH began with 21 products. The line featured products such as anti-friction treatments for motors, gears, automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems; fuel treatments; 2-cycle motor oil and rustproofing treatments. HIPERTECH has remained on the cutting edge of technology. Today, the company develops, manufactures and distributes over 130 high quality synthetic and semi-synthetic products for the industrial, motorsport and automotive markets. These products are divided into nine (9) major product divisions:

  • Greases
  • Synthetic oils
  • Specialized lubricants
  • Anti-friction treatments
  • Fuel treatments
  • 2-cycle motor oils
  • Rustproofing treatments
  • Degreasers
  • Care products

HIPERTECH products are developed within the company's own research and development department and soon a new biodegradable product line will be marketed to meet new environmental concerns. Our products are distributed through a network of technical sales representatives and independent distributors.

In October 2006, HIPERTECH underwent major renovations. New office space and a well-equipped lab were built and the plant's capacity was increased by 50% in order to fit new holding tanks and other newly acquired equipment. Today, the plant has a total of 8000 square feet. Other expansion plans are already in the works. The company sees the future with great optimism.


Since 1993, HIPERTECH has been developing products to serve the needs of customers in a diverse range of industries. The company is mainly present in heavy industrial sectors such as mining, foundries, aluminum plants and wind mills; it also has clients in light industrial sectors such as forestry and saw mills as well as off-road and on-road equipment.

Amongst HIPERTECH's clients, you will find many general contractors working on major hydroelectricity and petroleum construction projects. Snowmobile, A.T.V., motorcycle and nautical sports enthusiasts can also benefit from HIPERTECH's expertise with over 30 products specifically formulated for all types of motorsports. These products are race proven in extreme conditions and are recognized by racers we sponsor.

The trucking and automotive sectors have not been left behind by HIPERTECH. The company has a complete line of products such as synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils, transmission oils and differential oils; fuel treatments, biodegradable and standard rustproofing treatments as well as care products for vehicles with diesel and gasoline engines.

HIPERTECH is continually bringing innovative new biodegradable products to the market to help our customers meet the increasingly strict environmental guidelines in fragile environments such as forests, mines and waterways.


Our competitive edge: Custom products

If we don't have what you need, we can develop a custom product to meet your highest requirements. You will find at HIPERTECH, the expertise needed to formulate oils, greases, chemicals and any other custom product for specific applications.

Our job: Problem-solving

Do you have a machine that leaks, over heats or breaks down often causing frequent shut downs? These problems are often solved by using high quality lubricants. Our experts can analyze the situation and propose lubrication solutions that will optimize the equipment's productivity thus reducing maintenance costs and down time.

Our strength: Lubrication expertise

HIPERTECH's expertise permits them to offer a complete range of solutions for your industry. HIPERTECH's trained lubrication experts, trained by Hipertech, can go on-site to provide advise that minimizes equipment break downs, production line shut downs and maintenance costs. In most cases, it is possible to reduce the number of lubricants used, which in turn reduces the cost of inventory and the risk of error when lubricating the equipment.

Our flexibility: Unlimited quantities

HIPERTECH proposes a complete line of custom-made products intended for various applications. The plant is equipped to formulate and manufacture from very small to very large quantities in order to meet your specific needs or, for your private label.


In March 2005, Chemical Engineer, Khaled Hammadi, PHD in Process Engineering, joined HIPERTECH. Khaled Hammadi's expertise combined with the president Marc Cloutier's 22 years of formulation and field experience, together created a formidable team.

By constantly monitoring the latest technological developments, HIPERTECH is able to reformulate its existing products by using the most recent ingredients available on the market and to create new products that will meet and exceed the standards of the different OEM's.

The well-equipped lab is used for various R&D projects as well as quality control. Quality control is done in-house thus reducing the risk of error.

From the lab, it is possible to do product analysis, find new solutions to lubrication problems faced by our clients, to formulate new products, to test these new products in the lab first and then at the client's facilities in order to create a finished product that meets their specific needs.